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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: non-descript cocoon error
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2006 10:48:47 GMT
Tim Williams wrote:
> On 1/22/06, Tim Williams <> wrote:
>>On 1/22/06, Thorsten Scherler <> wrote:
>>>El dom, 22-01-2006 a las 16:43 -0500, Tim Williams escribió:
>>>>On 1/22/06, Thorsten Scherler <> wrote:
>>>>>You need to attach the snippet from the xmap.
>>>>As Ross suggested, I did check my xalan version and updated it to use
>>>>the forrest version of xalan.  The transform still works on the
>>>>command line and this snippet works if I remove the transform step.
>>>>They both work independently just not together.
>>>The output of the generator has namespaces, did your xsl takes this into
>>>>  I've simplified the
>>>>xsl to be no more than a helloworld stylesheet just to make sure.
>>>Ok, then let us step back and try something simpler maybe you added a
>>>method that is not valid. Try something like
>>><xsl:template match="/">
>>> <xsl:copy-of select="*"/>
>>>...and see what it gives.
>>>Do you remember your last modification?
>>I've never gotten this to work.  I'm doing essentially the same thing
>>in the Blog plugin though.
>>>>I've seen this work before
>>>How? something like:
>>>java -jar saxon8.jar -o status.xml log.xml tools/svn2changes.xsl
>>Sorry, I meant I've seen essentially that same thing (xpathdirgen)
>>work before when used in much the same way.
>>>>and its simple stuff, just can't figure out
>>>>what the heck i'm doing wrong here.  Thanks to all for the help....
>>>>      <map:match pattern="gallery/index.xml">
>>>>         <map:generate type="xpathdirectory" src="{lm:project.images/gallery/}">
>>>>            <map:parameter name="depth" value="99"/>
>>>>            <map:parameter name="xpath" value="/"/>
>>>>            <map:parameter name="sort" value="lastmodified"/>
>>>>            <map:parameter name="reverse" value="true"/>
>>>>            <map:parameter name="exclude" value="\.svn$"/>
>>>>         </map:generate>
>>>>        <map:transform src="resources/stylesheets/galleryHome.xsl"/>
>>>>        <map:serialize type="xml"/>
>>>>      </map:match>
>>>Actually if you say without the transformer it is working, I need to see
>>>this xsl to say something.
>>I can't even get what you wrote above working -- though mine wasn't
>>much more than that. Here's your version:
>><xsl:stylesheet version="1.0"
>>                xmlns:xsl=""
>>                xmlns:dir="">
>>  <xsl:template match="/">
>>    <xsl:copy-of select="*"/>
>>  </xsl:template>
>>>Anyway if you use <xsl:stylesheet version="2.0"/> that could be the
>>>reason for failing, since I dunno whether cocoon supports 2.0.
>>No, it's 1.0.  Since the generator works and the stylesheet alone
>>works, I wonder what could make it not work together?  Just to make
>>sure, I've tried applying the stylesheet to a xml based on a regular
>>file generator and it works fine.  I'm wondering if the
>>xpathdirectorygenerator somehow isn't returning the data fast enough
>>for the transformer?  I'm not familiar with how the transformers
>>operate and how they would handle a slow generator - seems like this
>>wouldn't be an issue it'd just handle the event whenever it fired but
>>I don't know.
>>Thanks for the help...
> These seem related.  Ross, if you can remember if you resolved this
> issue please let me know what it was.

Wow, aren't archives great! I have had exactly the same problem in the 
past and I had no recollection o it. Now I recall hours of throwing my 
rubber brick at the computer trying to solve this one.

The bottom line is that I never solved the XPath Geerator problem. 
Looking at the resume plugin now it seems I reverted to using the 
directory generator and used XSL to filter to get the parts of the 
directory listing I needed.

> Anyway, I've done a bit more testing and it turns out that it might
> have been my use of the xpathgenerator that caused my troubles.  I
> still don't really know *why* it doesn't work, just what a workaround
> is.
> My problem was that I had a small little xml file that was acting like
> a metacard for a photo album and, since it was small, I just wanted it
> to return the whole thing so I set the xpath parameter like this:
> <map:parameter name="xpath" value="/"/>

Looking at my mail above I was doing the same thing, for testing purposes.

> I tried value="/albuminfo/title" and it works fine.  I'm not sure why
> value="/" works fine to just serialize but when the transformer is
> inserted it doesn't work?

Well, your "workaround" is better than mine was, so that's an improvement.

>  Anyway, I finally get what I want by using
> value="/albuminfo/*"  Now folks can easily extend the descriptors they
> have available for the main gallery entry/index page by simply adding
> a child element to albuminfo and referencing it in the
> galleryInfo.xsl, which is really all I wanted here.

I'm really looking forward to your improvements to the Photo Album. We 
discussed doing the stuff you are talking about some time ago. It's 
always been a personal itch of mine, but never had enough time to attack 
it. However, in around two months time I have a new project needing the 
plugin, so I will be doing much work with it, certainly I will be adding 
contracts to extract individual Photo's, probably a rating app (write 
back to the meta-info file you are creating perhaps?), outputting the 
photo's in a printable album and a few other triks.

I think the Photo Album may be the first true plugin to emerge from the 
whiteboard at this rate (not counting the dispatcher as that has always 
been intended as internal code).


> Thanks again for the help on this...
> --tim

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