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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Best way to add repeatable code in v2/v3 (was Re: Example use case)
Date Sat, 21 Jan 2006 18:00:42 GMT
Gav.... wrote:
> Hi All,
> On the right hand side of I have some 'headlines' 
> in a 'headlines' div
> All boxes are in a 'rightbar' div also.
> The code for this is in One file called rightnav.ssi and included using 
> either 'include' or 'require'
> This obviously has the effect that all of the site pages get the content 
> from the one file.


> 3. The html code required I transfered from rightnav.ssi into rightnav.html 
> and put this file
> into xdocs directory. I am hoping that the <url>/rightbar.html</url> is 
> therefore correct.
> 4. Didn't see what else I would need to do, so did a 'forrest run' , did not 
> show up.
>     Also did a ForrestBot onto the web server, also does not show up.
> So, this did not work, the question is, have I done something wrong, missed 
> something out
> or is there a different/better way to include content into the 'headlines' 
> hook ?

I've not checked your syntax as I am not familiar enough with these 
contracts to see it without cross-checking with the documentation, which 
I assume you have done. Others will be better at spotting syntax errors.

Assuming syntax is correct. Have you verified that requesting 
"http://localhost:8888/rightbar.html" actually returns some code?

The other thing is that I wrote this contract for V1. There have been 
many changes since then, including the use of JX. I'm not sure if this 
is still the "right" way to include content.

> Alternative I thought of would be to create a contract for it. Although I 
> can see how to
> create a contract, not sure again on the best way of approaching it. Maybe 
> doing a similar
> thing as including the body from say index.xml but using 
> rightnavcontent.xml, use jx: ??

See above - we need a views savvy dev to advise here.

> (Re-reading the above, I see at least (at last ?)  I have suggestions, so 
> must be learning something!)

:-) and you're teaching those of us still trying to get to grips with 
views (when I taught at Universities I always used to learn loads by 
doing the labs when students would ask me why their code behaved this 
way or that way).

> P.S-
> Creating an empty hook has the side effect of a self closing div - obviously 
> inlvalid and messes
> up the rest of the page.

Raise an issue (if there isn't one already, this is ringing a bell 
somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind).


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