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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Example use case - working example
Date Sat, 21 Jan 2006 17:46:57 GMT
Gav.... wrote:
> Ok, so I now have something to work with.
> So you know, this is a summary of what I did. (There is a question at the 
> end of all this)
> 1. Followed Davids Dispatcher Quick Start with a 'forrest test-sample' 
> rather than seed-v2.
> 2. Copied Ross' coat.fv into 
> /project_home/src/documentation/resources/themes/pili.fv
> 3. In /themes/ dir created /pili/ subdir and in /pili/ created /css/ subdir.
> 4. Copied Ross' coat.css into /themes/pili/css/ directory.
> 5. Edit and changed 'project.theme=pelt' to 
> 'project.theme=pili'
> 6. 'forrest run' from project_home, works fine, Ross' default theme shows up 
> nicely.
> 7. Made a few changes to pili.fv, refresh browser shows them nicely.
> 8. Made changes to pili.css, however file is locked for use and can not save 
> changes.

I've noticed this happening on windows too. It doesn't always happen. I 
find that if you refresh the browser again it will usually release the lock.

I've never noticed this happen on Linux.

> 9. Stop Jetty, Make changes to pili.css, restart with 'forrest run' , css 
> changes show up fine.

See above.

> 10. Complete rework of CSS adding more of my own stuff, rework pili.fv also.
>       (hence the renaming of ross' coat into pili, didnt want to spoil it.)
> 11. Upload to web space using ForrestBot.
> 12. Test in Web Browser, looks the same as localhost:8888 as it should.

Cool ;-)

Can you put the above into a "how to create a new theme" faq. Remove all 
references to "Ross'" - it's not mine its the communities, it even has 
code from your good self in it remember ;-)

Don't worry that the above is just a load of bullet points, a start for 
documentation is always useful.

> The above should see most people through, after more testing I want to make 
> it known :-
> 13. Make some more changes to pili.fv and pili.css.
> 14. Tested local, works fine.
> 15. Uploaded to webspace using ForrestBot.
> 16. Changes do not seem to have made it onto server.
> Some changes I made required that an index.fv be deleted. ForrestBot does 
> not know how to
> delete from server, hence my changes were not carried across.

Please raise an issue for this one, we'll need to sort that out.

> Anyway, as a recap, I wanted my pili theme to more or less resemble 
> Here is my first attempt at getting it like that, it is not yet complete - 
> I hope you agree they are similar.

Yep, you are certainly moving forward :-)

> Now for the question, in fact, no I'll put it in a different subject.



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