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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Dispatcher gives stack overflow
Date Thu, 19 Jan 2006 17:12:02 GMT
I'm trying to get the listLocations plugin (or rather a copy of it) 
working with the Dispatcher. However, I'm getting a stack overflow.

Here's how my plugin differes from the current listLocations one:

Added a contract to resources/themes/common/html (but not created a *fv 
file yet so the contract is not being used).

Defined the structurer and themer plugins to

Added project.theme=default and project.theme-extension=.fv to forrest 

Added a file (with a value for my contract), but 
nothing else, so it isn' really being used yet, since the contract s not 
being used either.

Doing Forrest run and http://localhsot:8888 results in a 500 response. 
The console reports there has been a stack overflow.

Looking in the logs I see there is a problem with the locationmap. I am 
seeing entried like this:

PARAM: '1' VALUE: 'html'

It looks to me like we have a loop between the sitemap and the 
locationmap. However, due to the masses of indirection between these two 
files my tired old brain can't work out what on earth is happening, or 
what is supposed to be happening.

I'll have another look at it when I have a refreshed head in the 
morning. But I want to flag this up as another really good example why 
we need remove this indirection as Tim suggested (see )


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