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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Example use case.
Date Wed, 18 Jan 2006 13:15:17 GMT
Gav.... wrote:
> Ok, so I have a site I have been throwing stuff into now and then, the
> forums seem to be getting more popular, as are the stats steadily
> rising. So I'd like to use forrest on it now.
> The site in question is .


> To the point, how do I now convert this site to use Forrest , v3 if possible 
> but
> earlier if it illustrates it better to me.

First thing to do is decide what you mean by "convert this site to use 
Forrest". In your questions below you indicate many options. I'll give 
you my own opinion and hopefully this will help you decide on exactly 
what you mean.

> David C prompted me into this inadvertantly with his HTML conversions of
> Incubator to Anakia. Do I have to manually re-write all of my sites .html or
> .php pages into xml source files or can I do this another way.

Forrest is about integrating multiple input types. No, you do not need 
to convert your existing content. David is doing the reverse for the 
Incubator. They have html and want to use Anakia, thus he is helping 
them convert from html to the necessary format by using Forrest.

Forrest is already building the incubator site with the existing html 
sources, no conversion is necessary.

> Ah, theres
> something, most of my pages are PHP, does that make a difference. If it
> does, I'll get rid of them I dont care, theres not much PHP code that I cant
> do another way (or get rid).

It really depends on what your PHP is doing. You mention (below) that 
one use is the inclusion of the navigation on the left and the panels on 
the right. This kind of inclusion need not be done in PHP, this would be 
done by the dispatcher.

However, if you have some content that is being generated by PHP then 
you may choose to keep that PHP code and embed the output within your 
Forrest skinned page.

There is no one answer to this, you need to evaluate each case in 
isolation. Forrest can support either keeping it or replacing it.

> Then, looking at the site, can I then use CSS or whatever to somewhere near
> resemble what I have currently or not - again, I don't care, its a useful 
> site, but
> hardly earth-shattering and could probably do with a makeover anyway - which
> when forrest-enabled I could do as often as I like with new themes right?

Not a problem. Your site is pretty close to the default theme in the 
dispatcher. All that is required is to either modify the theme so that 
it uses the CSS lass names you define in your existing CSS or, use your 
existing CSS definitions with the current theme class names. The latter 
is probably easier.

For an example look at the coat theme. This is really the default theme 
with a few contracts removed and a modified CSS file. It does not define 
any new contracts.


How to proceed?

I would forget about content in the first instance. Focus on getting 
your theme to look right. Once that is done you can start migrating 
content across.

Do "forrest seed-v22 and modify the *.fv file and the CSS. See the 
recent thread David started regarding a "quick start" for dispatcher.


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