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From Cyriaque Dupoirieux <>
Subject Re: Dispatcher quickstart
Date Tue, 17 Jan 2006 08:52:46 GMT
David Crossley a écrit :

>(After answers i will put this into the Howto Structurer.)
>I wanted to quickly see how an existing site goes
>with the new Dispatcher.
>1) added structurer and themer plugins to
>2) deployed structurer plugins with etc/
>3) localhost:8888/index.html ... fantastic.
>Now use another theme ...
>4) added project.theme=pelt to
>5) re-start 'forrest run' ... fantastic.
>Now i want to add a new what-do-i-call-it (contract?)
>For example, lets add the text link at the top right.
>Do i need to create a whole new structurer by
>copying say pelt.fv to src/documentation/content/xdocs/common.fv
>and insert a new contract for the text link.
>Say i want to remove the default xml link.
Export links is not exactly a good example because I think, for a while, 
that it should be grouped in one contract with argument since exports 
links generally have nearly the same layout...
Please take another to let us the time to conclude this point ;-)

Let's say that you don't want the search boxes :

    * Then you search for the contract named "search-input" - it should
      appear twice if you use pelt theme and you comment them - or
      simply remove them form your fv file.

And know - on the opposite - let's say you want to add a contract of 
your own that you have saved in 
Your contract is called yourContract.ft

    * Then you include your contract in your file (where you want it to
      be displayed possibly embbeded between hooks) :
    *         <forrest:contract name="youContract">
                  <forrest:property name="myArg">... </forrest:property>

Later, we will have a specific URL which will display the documented 
list of available contracts for your selected theme as well as your 
custom contracts.
So that it will be easier to find the contract you need (or the contract 
you want to remove !)



>Sorry for asking potentially silly questions.
>I am trying to see how to extend/modify an existing
>structurer without creating a maintenance problem.

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