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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: maintain skinconf.xml etc. (Was: svn commit: r366100)
Date Fri, 06 Jan 2006 09:39:49 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
>>Ross Gardler wrote:
>>>Thorsten Scherler wrote:


>>I reckon that "benchmark" can be minimal. I also want
>>to keep the "v3" minimal. The "v2" i have not touched
>>because i presume that it will be entirely removed prior
>>to the 0.8 release.

Sounds fine to me.

>>To link the history of the discussion for the archives:
>>As mentioned there, Reinhard did some experimentation
>>at Cocoon-2.2 (pre Daisy docs) that used svn:externals
>>to maintain the and skinconf.xml etc.
>>I will investigate and report back. I get the feeling
>>that it only operates at directory level.
> Here is a summary of his technique. There are two aspects:
> - including copy of common configuration files via svn:externals
> - using xml entities to manage common sections of xml files
> Standard configuration files are at
> There are various things here such as sitemap.xmap
> and stylesheets which we would not need for our situation.
> Using 'svn:externals' this directory is created wherever it
> is needed, e.g. under
> So the tree is ...
>  documentation
>  |--
>  |-- src (this second src directory was a forrest config mistake)
>      |-- content
>      |-- forrest-configuration  <---------
>      |-- skinconf.xml
> The refers to resources in the
> forrest-configuration directory.
> The skinconf.xml declares some of its own stuff,
> and includes other skinconf.xml files by using
> xml entities. Clever.


>                        --oOo--
> So we could use this technique for managing the config
> files of our plugins. At the moment the only ones
> that i can think of is skinconf.xml and maybe the
> file. Later we might need
> to include others.
> What do you reckon?

Sounds like a great idea.

>                        --oOo--
>>The other thing that we discussed (need to find the thread)
>>was to streamline these "seed" sites so that we can
>>generate various seed sites, e.g. one that strips
>>out the Apache licensing info.
> I reckon leave this until stage two.

Actually, the infrastructure is already in place in the ant scripts. I 
built it for the business template which asks a series of questions and 
uses ants filtering to insert the responses into the relevant file.

Note, it is also possible to run an automated business seed, where no 
questions are asked and default responses are used.

It's just a case of reusing things, no need for discussion (unless you 
can think of a better way of course).


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