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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Checksums to improve processing time [Re: Odd error...]
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2006 10:26:00 GMT
CFAS Webmaster wrote:
> Ross,
>  I do find them useful for one thing.  Since I haven't yet been able to 
> get forrestbot working, I use a different program to upload files to the 
> "production" site.  That utility primarily uses date/time stamps from 
> files to figure out which ones to upload.
>  The checksums stop this utility from uploading the whole site every 
> time I update something.  Unfortunately the checksums do not, as David 
> and others have pointed out, save generation time as they compare the 
> generated file with what is on disk.

That sounds useful for the Google Sitemap thing too. In that case we 
want to list which pages have changed since the last time the site was 

It would also be useful in the new DevTools plugin, we could use the 
date and time stamp to calculate how many pages have changed since the 
last full site build - thereby giving another indication of the 
likelyhood of a corrupt site.

>  Does anyone think there would be a way to capture checksums of the 
> *source* files so that Cocoon doesn't even look at unchanged files?  

THat would be one for the Cocoon list.

> This would need to be done in such a way that if site-related data such 
> as copyrights or left-side menu items changed, the whole site is 
> regenerated...  Probably very tricky to do correctly.

Not really, that data is in specific files, site.xml, tabs.xml and 
skinconf.xml - all we need to do is detect when those files have changed.

We need this in the DevTools plugin (see thread on saving files from 
Forrest Run).


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