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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Saving pages from forrest run
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2006 01:55:45 GMT
OK, so there are concerns about doing this, but I think all the concerns 
can be addressed, and besides *I* want an easier way of publishing a 
spelling correction in a single page of a 500 page site (for example).

So, I've done it. Well, OK to be fair I've done a really rough stab at it.

I did it in XSP first, but hated it. Way too much mixing of content with 
logic (never touched XSP before). Given the amount of logic we will need 
in order to create the necessary "idiot checks" and "user warnings" we 
have discussed, I decided it would be better to go for an action.

I've left some of the XSP stuff in there because I reckon we will use 
that to do the really simple stuff like do a site build and deploy. But 
we'll see about that some other time.

There's no cool GUI for creating the relevant URLs just yet, I have 
locally extended the forrestbar but don't want to commit it because it 
is only useful if you are using the devTools plugin and I don't want to 
clutter it. If people want it I can attach a patch to an issue.

Enjoy a faster workflow:

- Edit
- preview
- save
- commit

But be careful with it, there are currently no checks for things like 
changed navigation files.


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