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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject [proposal] Distributing themes
Date Tue, 03 Jan 2006 00:55:04 GMT
I propose that themes be distributed as plugins rather than having them 
all in the themer plugin. Why?

Because it allows us to break down themes to core and non-core themes. 
That is, once the common theme goes into core users will only need to 
add, for example, the Coat theme to their project and off they go. These 
themes can then be managed/released independently of core (as per plugins).

There is nothing to stop a user defining more than one theme in order to 
get other contracts, but I suspect most themes will just be CSS and fv 
files, whilst contracts will be provided by core and plugins (e.g. the 
feeder plugin would provide the feeder contract).

A second advantage is that the theme can then provide local docs that 
demonstrate the unique features of the theme. We can then create a page 
listing all themes, with thumbnail screenshots and links to the demo 
site using that theme, just like the plugins list we have.

What about naming conventions?

Although the loading mechanism used is the same as plugins, it doesn't 
really make sense to call them plugins, so I propose the following 
naming convention:




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