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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject [RT] "Last known working snapshot" of Forrest head
Date Sun, 01 Jan 2006 23:59:02 GMT
This idea came to me earlier today when I was fixing my parent-in-laws 
PC. Good old plug and play had resulted in the "blue screen of death" on 
bootup. The PC automatically rebooted and came up with a console with 
various boot options.

One of which was "boot with last known working configuration" - wo I 
tried it.

I nearly fell off my chair when it worked and the PC was back in the 
state of trying to do the plug and play installation.

Now this is hardly rocket science, but it's a brilliant idea.

Then, when I came home I discover that the ongoing discussions on Infra 
had resulted in the suggestion of them using a snapshot version of 
Forrest to prevent them from having to build from an SVN branch (they 
use the 0.7 branch).

A couple of weeks ago Johannes was asking if his commits to the 0.7 
branch would make it through to a distribution server so he could point 
his users at it.

What do people think about providing a "last known working snapshot" of 
our 0.7 branch and of trunk. Users wanting to use a "not quite cutting 
edge" version of Forrest could use these snapshots.

They would not go through the usual release process, perhaps have only a 
"./ test". There would be big warnings on the download page to 
the effect of "Whilst we endeavour to ensure these snapshots will run, 
users should be aware that they have not gone our usual Quality Control 
checks for a release. Use at your own risk."

The snapshots would be stored in SVN so that external projects could use 
"svn:external" to include Forrest in their SVN downloads so that users 
need not install a separate project in order to build local docs.

If we have a mjor problem reported by a user, simply roll back the 
snapshot release to a previous version.

We can use our forrestbot to build various test sites and only allow a 
snapshot when they pass (in fact David has already set this up).

Any committer could create a snapshot at any time with a simple majority 
vote. However, they would only be encouraged when there is a significant 
bug fix or new feature.

I think that this would also make the testing of releases more through 
since some people will have been using the release build for a while 
without having to actively particpiate in the test process.


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