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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: jxpath problems
Date Sun, 29 Jan 2006 22:53:47 GMT
Tim Williams wrote:
> Thanks for looking into this.  I've now had a look at the stack trace
> for these errors and a significant portion relate to dispose() method
> in TransformerAdapter.  It appears to have a bug in it by setting the
> parserContext to null, then attempting to access it.  I wouldn't
> imagine that this is our real problem but it certainly is a huge
> portion of my core.log.  Unfortunately, Cocoon has recently made the
> the build process too difficult for me to manage.  I've spent the last
> hour just trying to build an out of the box Cocoon with m2 and it
> tries to download half the internet before finally failing.

:-) ... the previous Cocoon pre-packaged that for us :-)

To be fair they are still in the middle of refactoring
the build system. There is a doc somewhere explaining
how to get up-to-speed (search their Daisy). Also perhaps
ask for help on dev@cocoon.

This is why i said a while ago that we should stick
to the last known version of Cocoon's Ant-based build.
If there is some "must-have" functionality that we need
important bugfix, then we can apply patches to that old
version. I listed the svn revision number recently in
our dev- archives.

However that becomes a management nightmare. So we
would not want to release like that. But for testing
and development it will allow a workaround.


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