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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] code freeze on dispatcher related resources in trunk
Date Sat, 28 Jan 2006 07:09:44 GMT
Thorsten Scherler wrote:
> I propose a code freeze on *all* dispatcher related resources in trunk
> starting 28.01.2006 (hopefully ending 14.02.2006). 
> I will create a real branch in the upcoming days (on the 28th or soonish
> after) from the current trunk where I would like to refactor the v2
> plugins to the dispatcher. 
> I would like that all dispatcher related development will happen in this
> branch to secure that we will not get any conflict when merging back.
> Thoughts, objections?

I too am not quite sure what the plan is.

Why do you need to branch? I am just trying to
make sure that we do only "branch when needed".

Is it because the "themer" plugin in forrest/plugins
will have the same name as the current whiteboard plugin?

Are there any changes to the actual core of Forrest
or is all the work contained in those two plugins?

I suppose that one good reason to branch is that it
enables us to avoid these complications that we have
been having with "versions" of dispatcher amd mis-match
with docs.

Also i suppose that this will let us remove all the
old views-related plugins from the whiteboard and do
a general tidy-up of dispatcher-related stuff. Everything
will change when the branch merges, so that provides
a definite point for developers who use using the
older stuff in production.

Normally we would develop in the whiteboard and when
we are satisfied, we decide to move it into forrest/plugins
However i gather that that cannot be done in this case.
Is that correct?

One thing does get me concerned. I wonder if you might be
rushing the merge, maybe to meet some non-project deadline.
Once we move the dispatcher out of the whiteboard then
we are saying that it is ready for prime time.
However it is not yet, so that might hold up our
0.8 release.


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