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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Example use case.
Date Thu, 19 Jan 2006 04:39:22 GMT
Paul Bolger wrote:
> Ross
> This relates to an issue I've been thinking about for a while. If one
> had a pile of html and wanted to convert the docs to Forrest internal
> format, and then convert them back into html as a Forrest generated
> site presumably leaving the source documents in their original
> location would result in Forrest reconverting them whenever one of
> them was requested - which would slow things down quite a lot. As you
> would only really want this done once what would be the best way to
> approach a 'once-off' conversion' - run forrest once in 'build' mode,
> delete (or whatever) the original docs and then run Forrest in 'run'
> mode?

I would do it as a once-off conversion.

If you are using old "skins" then set disable-xml-link=false
in file. If using Dispatcher then
this is enabled by default in this development phase.

Do 'forrest site' to generate everything.

Perhaps you want to temporarily change
to set a different location for

That will generate the set of xml documents.
They will be in document-v1.3 format rather than
document-v2.0 because the former is still Forrest's
internal format.

Now copy those new sources from build/site/ into your
src/documentation/xdocs/ space and remove the *.html
versions. That will cause forrest to find the *.xml
(i think that it searches for a .html source first
then looks for a .xml source).

That is basically how i did it for the Incubator
site conversion, except i wrote a new output plugin
to get the special output format.


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