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From David Crossley <>
Subject xml output plugin and filename extension .xml
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2006 09:41:22 GMT
I have a partially working output plugin to generate a
plain xml document type solely to be consumed by Anakia. [1]
They can it "xdoc".

However, i have an issue at the moment. Can you help?

I want the output to be .xml filename extension, but of
course Forrest uses that for its internal format. I suppose
that later Forrest will use .xhtml2 but not now or maybe
not even use a filename extension..

So i am using .xdoc

localhost:8888/index.xdoc works now.

Is there a way to reclaim the xml filename extension?

Of course, i can create a UNIX shell script to rename the
files later, but i want this to be a complete Forrest-based

This is an interesting use-case. Some people want to
move to use Anakia instead of Forrest. So this plugin
would help them to export all their docs.

This means that Forrest can be used to pull together
documents from various different formats. They have
some sources in our xdoc, mostly plain html, and some
in JSP Wiki too. Forrest assembles the site, then
generates the xml output tree to disk. Nice.

We should also have an "xhtml1" output plugin that
does a similar job.



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