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From David Crossley <>
Subject upgrading Forrest's Cocoon (Was: photogallery plugin thoughts)
Date Sun, 08 Jan 2006 05:00:19 GMT
There are two separate issues here.

One is to upgrade Forrest version of Cocoon and blocks
to a recent version of Ccooon-2.2 i.e. their trunk,
and also to include the ImageReader block. 
See below.

The other is that you want to make a change to
the ImageReader block of Cocoon. For that you need
to commit the changes to Cocoon trunk. As a Forrest
committer you can do that. If you think that it needs
discussion then do so on cocoon-dev. Otherwise send
a patch to their Jira (don't jold your breath on getting
it applied).

Tim Williams wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
> >
> > So this would require adding the cocoon-imagereader-block
> > to Forrest. Are you happy with doing Forrest's Cocoon
> > upgrade process? I will do it if you are not comfortable.
> Yeah for now I'm inheriting directly from the ResourceReader so that I
> can get it done -- just copied the code of the ImageReader.  I don't
> know how to upgrade Cocoon yet.

There is the procedure described in etc/cocoon_upgrade/README.txt

> I wouldn't mind trying but since I've
> already svn up'd my cocoon trunk with the new flattened structure it'd
> have the added complexity of trying to do it a against a specific
> version and I think that's not a good idea for my first time.  If you
> have time, please do.

That is normally easy. 

Update your Cocoon svn backwards [*] ...
 svn up -r 366396

Do the upgrade. Follow etc/cocoon_upgrade/README.txt
Granted this is a bit frightening the first time,
but need to start sometime.

When all finished, then restore Cocoon to head ...
  svn up -r HEAD

However that is not going to work, because you need to
add new functionality to Cocoon. We can maybe upgrade
the Cocoon core and blocks now. And then when you are
ready, we will upgrade just the Imagereader block.

[*] Finding a good working version of Cocoon is difficult.
Starting at r358825 Giacomo upgraded to jetty-5.1.8 so we
will need to upgrade upgrade our Jetty too.

If no-one beats me to it then i will upgrade our Cocoon
to r385824 (as long as it works) and we can upgrade just
the imagereader block later.

After that we are going to need to amend our Cocoon
upgrade procedure to use their new Maven2 based build.


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