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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Checksums to improve processing time [Re: Odd error...]
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2006 01:35:44 GMT
CFAS Webmaster wrote:
> Ok.  I'll probably do a howto, but it'll be reasonably short as it's not 
> complicated.
> -Paul
> Ross Gardler wrote:
> >CFAS Webmaster wrote:
> >
> >>All,
> >>
> >> I'm poised to "knock up" a JIRA issue on this, but I want to make 
> >>sure that David's observation isn't telling me not to...
> >
> >No he was pointing to the fact that the information I was asking for 
> >is already in the mail archives and should be captured in 
> >documentation. If you don't have the time to write a doc, some links 
> >to the archives in a Jira issue will be a good start.

I hope that you do not waste time, Paul.

Please find the mails in the archives.
There was big discussion and analysis and
conclusions. I don't think that it needs a howto,
perhaps just an FAQ to say that there is no effect
on Cocoon processing and that a little time can be
saved on filesystem writes, which will accumulate
to a big saving for a site with thousands of files.


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