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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [RT] Writing generated page to disk in "forrest run"
Date Tue, 03 Jan 2006 02:07:34 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
> >Ross Gardler wrote:
> ...
> >>>I am also wary about turning Forrest into a poor person's
> >>>content management system by using htmlarea and such.
> >>
> >>I agree I think we should deprecate the htmlArea plugin (it probably 
> >>doesn't work anymore anyway). What other plugins are there that cause 
> >>concern about being a poor mans CMS?
> >
> >Well it is hard to know where the line is.
> >Our mission statement is intentionally vague.
> >
> >The Introduction on the home page also avoids
> >mention of it. Perhaps it would help to have an
> >FAQ about the CMS aspect.
> >
> >Every day i intend to explore the new "NoteTaking" plugin.
> >(Oh, something wrong with the online docs.)
> >I suspect that that is a fine use.
> The note-taking plugin is quite different from CMS. It is simply a place 
> to jot notes about each page. No version control, no user management 
> etc. They are rendered separately from the core content. All notes are 
> stored in a single file, linked to the source files by URL.
> Editing is just a plain text form field - no wysiwyg or anything like that.
> I use it in a (protoype) educational product that allows text books to 
> be distrbited as Forrest content objects.
> I have no problem moving it over to Burrokeet if it blurs the boundaries 
> too much. Thinking about it it may be better to do that in order to keep 
> the distinction between publication and content editing. It would also 
> provide another off-site plugin which would be a good idea.

Wait. I was trying to say that it is probably
a good example of something that is within our scope.
And probably nicely defines the limit.


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