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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject Re: jxpath problems
Date Sun, 29 Jan 2006 21:23:57 GMT
El dom, 29-01-2006 a las 15:52 -0500, Tim Williams escribió:
> O
> Thanks for looking into this.  I've now had a look at the stack trace
> for these errors and a significant portion relate to dispose() method
> in TransformerAdapter.  It appears to have a bug in it by setting the
> parserContext to null, then attempting to access it.  I wouldn't
> imagine that this is our real problem but it certainly is a huge
> portion of my core.log.  Unfortunately, Cocoon has recently made the
> the build process too difficult for me to manage.  I've spent the last
> hour just trying to build an out of the box Cocoon with m2 and it
> tries to download half the internet before finally failing.  Anyway,
> if you can get Cocoon compiled maybe you can try  applying the
> following patch to the template block and see if it reduces the errors
> a bit.

Sorry, I cannot give you a hand on this one because I did not follow the
maven move to close. ...but maybe somebody else. ;-)

Anyway your findings are very valuable and maybe it makes sense that you
ask in cocoon whether you can apply this fix to their code (you have
write access there). ;-) I think that they are very good findings.
Thanks Tim.

> Index: trunk/java/org/apache/cocoon/template/
> ===================================================================
> --- trunk/java/org/apache/cocoon/template/	(revision
> 366548)
> +++ trunk/java/org/apache/cocoon/template/	(working copy)
> @@ -61,9 +61,9 @@
>          }
>          public void dispose() {
> -            setParsingContext( null );
>              this.manager.release(this.parsingContext.getInstructionFactory());
>              this.manager.release(this.parsingContext.getStringTemplateParser());
> +            setParsingContext( null );
>          }
>          public void endDocument() throws SAXException {
> I assume you've seen the comment?

Hmm, I should have but I think I did not realize the "performance
penalty" of the transformer. :( 

I will switch to jx-generator where ever possible. Thanks for the
headsup. :)

> /**
>  * Adapter that makes this generator usable as a transformer (Note there is a
>  * performance penalty for this however: you effectively recompile the template
>  * for every instance document)
>  *
>  * @version SVN $Id: 325973 2005-10-17
> 19:59:39Z lgawron $
>  */
> I'll give a cocoon a little more time before I just give up.
> --tim

Good on ya mate.

BTW I fixed the OutOfMemory exception that you had with the
Photogallery. In the end it was the way we called the linkmap (I think
that skins as well can lead to the behavior but not to the final

Thx for looking into the jx stuff, you helped again to make the
dispatcher faster when I finished using jx-generators. 


"Together we stand, divided we fall!" 
Hey you (Pink Floyd)

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