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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject Re: strange diffs (Was: svn commit: r373089)
Date Sat, 28 Jan 2006 14:53:54 GMT
El sáb, 28-01-2006 a las 12:11 +0100, Thorsten Scherler escribió:
> El sáb, 28-01-2006 a las 18:53 +1100, David Crossley escribió:
> > Woops, wrong list ...
> > 
> > David Crossley wrote:
> > > There is another example of strange diffs like Jean discussed
> > > on the user- list. Thorsten had generated the site. Then when
> > > i later generated, then we get these strange changes to some
> > > PDFs and corner images.
> > > 
> > > Ah i might be able to explain some of the PDF changes.
> > > Thorsten have you done this:
> > >
> No, sorry, I did a fresh checkout the other day and did not do it. You
> may have find the root cause of the problem.
> Good on ya mate.
> Will follow the instructions and try again.

Ok, I did. Besides some explainable diffs I now get again:
M      skin/images/rc-t-l-5-1header-2tab-selected-3tab-selected.png
M      skin/images/rc-t-l-5-1header-2searchbox-3searchbox.png
M      skin/images/rc-t-r-5-1header-2tab-selected-3tab-selected.png
M      skin/images/rc-t-l-5-1header-2tab-unselected-3tab-unselected.png
M      skin/images/rc-t-r-5-1header-2searchbox-3searchbox.png
M      skin/images/rc-t-r-5-1header-2tab-unselected-3tab-unselected.png
M      skin/images/rc-b-l-15-1body-2menu-3menu.png
M      skin/images/rc-b-r-15-1body-2menu-3menu.png
M      skin/images/rc-t-r-15-1body-2menu-3menu.png
M      skin/images/rc-b-r-5-1header-2tab-selected-3tab-selected.png
M      committed-1.png

I am on ubuntu-linux. It seems that the png generation pipes are
producing different output for different operating systems. We now have
to find out why this happens now and when it started.

The *.png pipes are in main/webapp/resources.xmap. The rc-* stuff is in 
<map:resource name="pipe-svg2png-corner-resource">
and I guess the problem lies in
<map:serialize type="svg2png" />

I think we should start to see what makes the serializer serialize
<map:serializer mime-type="image/png" name="svg2png"
  <!--<parameter name="background_color" type="color"
  <!-- <parameter name="gamma" type="float" value="0.48"/> -->
  <parameter name="gamma" type="float" value="0"/>


"Together we stand, divided we fall!" 
Hey you (Pink Floyd)

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