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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject Re: Dispatcher gives stack overflow
Date Thu, 19 Jan 2006 17:38:39 GMT
El jue, 19-01-2006 a las 17:12 +0000, Ross Gardler escribió:
> I'm trying to get the listLocations plugin (or rather a copy of it) 
> working with the Dispatcher. However, I'm getting a stack overflow.
> Here's how my plugin differes from the current listLocations one:
> Added a contract to resources/themes/common/html (but not created a *fv 
> file yet so the contract is not being used).


> Defined the structurer and themer plugins to


> Added project.theme=default and project.theme-extension=.fv to forrest 
> properties.


...ah I just see project.theme=default does not exist anymore!!! it is
now common.

> Added a file (with a value for my contract), but 
> nothing else, so it isn' really being used yet, since the contract s not 
> being used either.
> Doing Forrest run and http://localhsot:8888 results in a 500 response. 

Yeah, because http://localhsot != http://localhost (or is it a spelling
error only in this mail?)

> The console reports there has been a stack overflow.

Hmm, stack overflow I only saw in raw occasion while developing this
stuff (normally it was an error *I* made and leaded to a looping

> Looking in the logs I see there is a problem with the locationmap. I am 
> seeing entried like this:
> PARAM: '2' VALUE: 
> 'linkmap-linkmap-linkmap-linkmap-linkmap-linkmap-linkmap-linkmap-linkmap-linkmap-linkmap-linkmap-linkmap-linkmap-linkmap-linkmap-linkmap-linkmap-index'
> PARAM: '0' VALUE: 
> 'structurer-properties.html.linkmap-linkmap-linkmap-linkmap-linkmap-linkmap-linkmap-linkmap-linkmap-linkmap-linkmap-linkmap-linkmap-linkmap-linkmap-linkmap-linkmap-linkmap-index'
> PARAM: '1' VALUE: 'html'

Hmm, never saw this in my life. ...but wait do you have a match="*.hmtl"
in your plugin?

> It looks to me like we have a loop between the sitemap and the 
> locationmap. 

hmm, I do not think so.

> However, due to the masses of indirection between these two 
> files my tired old brain can't work out what on earth is happening, or 
> what is supposed to be happening.
> I'll have another look at it when I have a refreshed head in the 
> morning. But I want to flag this up as another really good example why 
> we need remove this indirection as Tim suggested (see 
> )

Actually only one word why I originally did it, because it lets the user
override each and every step of v2. Like I said in earlier mails I agree
that it need a cleanup and promised that the dispatcher will have
addressed it. Anyway I do not even thing that it is related with your
current problem. 

Bottom line, to point this out all the time does not fix it, you can
either wait for the final dispatcher release or fix it yourself. 

Sorry, ATM I am busy to bring up lenya zones and have a basic
infrastructure to work on the doco pub (lenya publication - forrest
rendering). As soon as I have lenya zones working like I want it, I will
focus my time again to release the dispatcher (Cyriaque brought us
closer to this point on forrest Friday, thanks again).

Till then 783 is for me a wont-fix since it will be fixed in the final
release with the rewrite of v2.

P.S.: you know me, but again I want to point out no offense intended at
any time. ;-)


"Together we stand, divided we fall!" 
Hey you (Pink Floyd)

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