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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject Re: common.fv not working - have I missed something?
Date Tue, 17 Jan 2006 00:16:56 GMT
El lun, 16-01-2006 a las 17:51 +1300, Paul Bolger escribió:
> Hi Thorsten, I've been trying to digest your replies before answering.
> Not easy when I understand about 20% of it...

Ok, please keep on asking questions to bring you closer to 100%. ;-) If
I can get you to this all other future user/devs can profit from it. We
should start to document this issue.

> >
> > The only difference is that you are linking to more/other css files in
> > the {customTheme}.fv. ...and like always in the dispatcher we have
> > fallbacks implemented.
> Yeah, I'm beginning to understand that, It'd be good to have the
> fallback sequences detailed in the howtos.

Yes, I agree.

>  I might have a go, but
> unlikely to have time till next week.

That would be awesome. Do you see a chance to reuse parts of my other
mail "How do the structurer and themes work?" as well, would be awesome?

> >
> > No, with the locationmap you can override everything what I wrote above
> > and in the other mail about fallbacks in the dispatcher. That means if
> > you use your custom locationmap you override the core.
> >
> > > Right at the moment I'm finding the whole theme setting/defining
> > > procedure quite confusing.
> >
> > Hmm, ....
> And I think a large part of that is confusion over terms. 

Yeah, I just removed the old views stuff. Maybe that will help as well.

> Maybe I'll
> knock up a rough Dispatcher definitions document.

Yeah, that is something we really need.

>  It's finally
> clicking that the .fv files are 'structurer' files (I thought
> fv=Forrest View= view files). 

yes, that is from historic reason since the structurer was also known as

> I'm thinking that running an evolving
> list of definitions may be helpful to rename some Dispatcher terms at
> a later date, when their functions have stopped developing. 

We are always open for suggestions.

> I've had a
> look at some of the Cocoon docs and I realise that some of the
> terminology came from there.

Which one?

> > > Wouldn't it make sense to set the project
> > > theme in,
> >
> > Yeah that is how it is done.
> The 'missing link', however, is that a theme *must* have an .fv file
> in the themes directory or the theme fallback mechanism won't work. I
> can understand that this makes sense as there may be project files
> which aren't in the xdocs file system, but I think it would make more
> sense for the master .fv file to be in the theme directory itself.

Hmm, I lost you here. They are in the theme directory.

> Then one could copy and move the whole directory into another project
> and never have to worry about it unless one specifically needed to
> change it.



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