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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject Re: common.fv not working - have I missed something?
Date Fri, 13 Jan 2006 11:10:44 GMT
El vie, 13-01-2006 a las 12:06 +1300, Paul Bolger escribió:
> > > <forrest:css url="styles.css" media="screen" theme="pult"/>
> >
> > Actually that is only interesting for the theme switcher and optional.
> The dispatcher docs  (howto-structurer-dsl) says
> (attribute:theme) 3. the theme, "pelt" is the default theme (another
> is the "common" theme). Change this if you are using your own theme.
> Which to me means 'if you want to use css from a theme other than the
> default set that here'.

¿? Css actually is just a special contract format. Like always for
common you can reuse the css contract not only in common but as well in
a custom theme.

The only difference is that you are linking to more/other css files in
the {customTheme}.fv. ...and like always in the dispatcher we have
fallbacks implemented.

$ cat locationmap.xml
<!-- generic match for theme ressources like css and js. -->
      {1} name
      {2} extension (note we assume e.g. PATH/css/{1}.css)
    <match pattern="themes/**.*">
      <select type="exists">
src="{lm:themer.project.dir}/{project:theme}/{2}/{1}.{2}" />
src="{lm:themer.project.dir}/{defaults:theme}/{2}/{1}.{2}" />
src="{project:themer}/resources/themes/{project:theme}/{2}/{1}.{2}" />
src="{project:themer}/resources/themes/{defaults:theme}/{2}/{1}.{2}" />
src="{defaults:themer}/resources/themes/{project:theme}/{2}/{1}.{2}" />
src="{defaults:themer}/resources/themes/{defaults:theme}/{2}/{1}.{2}" />

> In a recent post you wrote about using multiple themes. I didn't
> really understand how this could be done. Could you clarify please.

¿? Multiple views can you post what I wrote. You can use one theme at a
time. You can switch themes with the branding-theme-switcher.ft on the
fly, but you cannot use multiple views otherwise.

> > > but Forrest ignoring them and just looking in the common/css directory.
> >
> > hmm, have you modified your locationmap?
> No I haven't. Wouldn't redirecting using locationmap be a sort of
> 'bulldozer' solution?

No, with the locationmap you can override everything what I wrote above
and in the other mail about fallbacks in the dispatcher. That means if
you use your custom locationmap you override the core.

> Right at the moment I'm finding the whole theme setting/defining
> procedure quite confusing.  

Hmm, ....

> Wouldn't it make sense to set the project
> theme in, 

Yeah that is how it is done.

> and then have all views, css locations
> etc cascade from that unless specifically overridden? 

see my other mail and this since we have based the dispatcher 100% on
the locationmap you are free to override core behavior very easy.

> This would mean
> you could make a copy of a theme, put it in your project themes/
> directory, set the theme in, and then - barring
> putting an .fv file in your xdocs/ directory - do all theme fiddling
> within the theme copy.

That is exactly how it is working. Remember I wrote:
> > If you do and want a fallback for pult you can
> > a) add it to {yourProject}/.../themes/pult.fv
> > b) add it to {yourProject}/.../xdocs/pult.fv

Now a) is the place where you normally would add it.


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