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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject Re: The future (was Re: New skin: Coat)
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2006 22:08:11 GMT
El mié, 04-01-2006 a las 10:09 +1300, Paul Bolger escribió:
> > Actually the thing that most worries me that all the conversations and
> > complaints not have been directed to this list but to others. We never
> > had a chance to help or response.
> >
> > > The way forward, in the short term, has to be to support users willing
> > > to be *power* users. We need to provide something above and beyond other
> > > tools *out of the box*. As devs we know just how powerful Forrest is,
> > > but it seems our vision is not being seen outside the project.
> > >
> >
> > Actually do not worry too much about this, we are <1.0 and not ready for
> > a big user base. Having our vision of forrest to much outside of the
> > project is producing high expectation and lots of interested users,
> > asking questions, that we will answer and not working on 1.0.
> >
> > You pointed out our target user: *power* users, that give valuable
> > feedback how we have to enhance.
> >
> > > We need to make it as simple as possible for power users to stay up to
> > > date (see other threads). Once we have that in place we can start going
> > > out there looking for those users, I would propose putting together a
> > > demo of a (single site) site-build project and taking it to site-dev as
> > > a prototype (we have much to do before we do that though - this is a
> > > medium term vision).
> > >
> >
> Having had a chance to experiment a bit with the dispatcher I keep
> finding that the existing contracts are too Forrest, or Apache,
> specific

Hmm, yes because the dispatcher is grown from skins and have to slimed
down. The best way is to return a simple txt string. That would enhance
the usability of the contract in different formats. 

>  - it's no coincidence that most 'Forrest Powered' sites look
> a little bit like the Forrest site. 

Yeah, because they use our skins. Since Pelt is our default skin I
imagine a lot of sites are using this skin. 

> I'd like to propose (and in plain
> English this means I'd like to do it, but don't have the technical
> ability to pull it off on my own...) a set of contracts to overcome
> this. 

it is *really* easy. The best way to start is to write a custom theme.

a) create a new theme (you can simply copy the pelt theme into your
local theme directory "project.resources-dir/themes" and rename it to
e.g. "peel". You need pelt* (pelt.fv + pelt/).

> New navigation contracts would be a good start: nav-main and
> nav-section are very much based on the original Forrest site (and
> nav-section relies on Javascript, a big problem for me) 

b) edit/create themes/peel/html/nav-main-sub.ft to meet your needs. 
BTW why do you not just use the one from common? No javascript in that
one. If you remove the nav-main-sub.ft from themes/peel you will
automatically use the one from common. ;-)

that is actually the power of themes. If you have really good common
contracts you can create themes that contains only *one* contract the
one you wish to override or add. So in the future you only have to
maintain this contract nothing more. :)

> - a set of
> contracts to produce very plain lists of links according to various
> criteria would be very useful.

What do you mean with this? 

> I think the appropriate time to do this would be immediately after the
> official dispatcher release. Anyone interested in collaborating?

Yeah, I am always up for that. ;-) ...but actually that should not be to
hard to do. Just ask if you have problems.


"Together we stand, divided we fall!" 
Hey you (Pink Floyd)

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