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From "Gav...." <>
Subject Example use case.
Date Wed, 18 Jan 2006 12:39:21 GMT
Not sure the subject is contradictory but anyway ...

I find it easier to understand things by doing. I am finding I am
still having a problem grasping some parts of forrest .... and
then v3 comes along! (Thanks Thorsten :) ) .

Anyway, as I have no use case and no real need for forrest, I see
this as my downfall - no real life motivation to crack on with it. I
just stumble around here and there, picking things up. So, I made
up a use case and so now then I 'really need' v3 to work - I know
it is still early days etc etc, but its what I want so...

Ok, so I have a site I have been throwing stuff into now and then, the
forums seem to be getting more popular, as are the stats steadily
rising. So I'd like to use forrest on it now.

The site in question is . As a little 
the site is xhtml1.1 compliant (mostly, and that negotiable - but to give 
an idea of the standard of code). The left nav is 'included' into the site 
a php require as is the right hand side column. The site is constructed as
expected these days using CSS for layout and not a table in sight.

To the point, how do I now convert this site to use Forrest , v3 if possible 
earlier if it illustrates it better to me.

David C prompted me into this inadvertantly with his HTML conversions of
Incubator to Anakia. Do I have to manually re-write all of my sites .html or
.php pages into xml source files or can I do this another way. Ah, theres
something, most of my pages are PHP, does that make a difference. If it
does, I'll get rid of them I dont care, theres not much PHP code that I cant
do another way (or get rid).

Then, looking at the site, can I then use CSS or whatever to somewhere near
resemble what I have currently or not - again, I don't care, its a useful 
site, but
hardly earth-shattering and could probably do with a makeover anyway - which
when forrest-enabled I could do as often as I like with new themes right?

After all this, maybe then I can be of more use to the community rather than
sending patches in that no-one else wants to do. (Even Incubator with its
massive load of 13 Issues seems to not want them)



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