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From "Gav...." <>
Subject character entities
Date Sat, 21 Jan 2006 14:41:45 GMT
I wrote earlier :-

| P.S-
| Creating an empty hook has the side effect of a self closing div - 
| inlvalid and messes
| up the rest of the page.
| e.g.
| <forrest:hook name="headlines"></forrest:hook>
| creates
| <div id="headlines />
| instead of
| <div id="headlines"></div>

This made me have a look around, and as a side-effect found an old
thread regarding this back in July 2005, just before my time I think.

The discussion also brought up &#160; and its possible side effects
of creating  .

I am seeing  a lot lately and so think the problem is still not solved.

For instance it is the result of siteinfo-last-published.ft.

Last Published:Â 01/21/2006 17:53:37

This line is created from the contract here :-

<xsl:template name="siteinfo-last-published-body">
        <script type="text/javascript">document.write("<i18n:text >Last 
Published:</i18n:text>&#160;" + document.lastModified);</script>

I have a theory.

in the code the &#160; is right next to a " (quote). The entity number for " 
(quote) is &#34;

I had a crazy thought that maybe they were adding together somehow. 

&#160; + &#34; = &#194;

Guess what &#194; is equal to , yup :-


Anyway, in the example contract code above, removing &#160; and putting a 
real space in there cures it and the space
is preserved no problem as it is enclosed between the quotes.

I copied the contract to my /pili/html/ directory and it now renders 

Have I missed something here or was it that simple ?

Still looking into the empty <div> problem but again may be &#160; related 
I'm not sure.
There was talk in the archives it was cured, but seems to be back.



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