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From Paul Bolger <>
Subject Re: Views
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2005 03:19:41 GMT
> (NOTE: default.fv is now common.fv!!!)

> > [views:modify html classes] I'm trying to work out where css classes
> > are being inserted, specifically in content-main.ft, because I'd like
> > to modify local versions to skip a lot of the superfluous ones.
> >

That tells you how to add extra CSS - I'm trying to get at the classes
which are inserted into the contract itself.

> (NOTE: the css inclusion will change. The forrest:css will be gone once
> we release the first implementation. Then the css linked/or inline have
> to be requested by a contract.)

Does that mean there would be the equivalent of an SSI for the css links?

> > [views: no css] Is there a way, yet, to set views to produce no css at
> > all? I notice there was some discussion about this a few months ago,
> > but couldn't find any reference to it happening.
> >
> Like always in forrest: You get what you define. ;-)
> Seriously, till now there is a fallback, if no forrest:css is defined in
> the *.fv then the common.fv will be inserted. As soon as you add *one*
> forrest:css *only* this get linked/included.

But you still get stuff like "id="menu_1.2" class="menuitemgroup" all
the way throught the output, that's really what I'd like to lose.

> > [indent html]  Where would one put the indent="yes" attribute to get
> > Forrest to output indented html?
> >
> We are using the XHTML serializer and *not* the html one David gave the
> link for. Please see the internal.xmap of the structurer.
> > [views: naming]  I'm confused! Themer, v2, structurer, views,
> > dispatcher  - are these all the same thing?
> >
> Already answered. ;-) Themer and Structurer are integrated components of
> the dispatcher. The first prototype implementation was called views,
> followed by the current version v2.

I'd volunteer to write up the functions and definitions of the various
components, but I still don't understand. If we were to have a 'views
glossary' section do you think it should be a new doc, or stuck on the
end of one on the existing ones, howto-structurer-dsl, for instance?

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