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From "Claus Bech Rasmussen - TELMORE" <>
Subject SV: Using plugins with forrest as webapp
Date Tue, 13 Dec 2005 14:02:16 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> Actually, "war" depends on "webapp". "war" copies across the 
> plugin stuff ito the war file, webapp doesn't.
> So, what is happening is users are assuming that the "webapp" 
> target builds a complete webapp (reasonable assumption), but 
> in fact it doesn't
>   you need to create the war file and have the servlet 
> container unpack it (or unpack it manually).
> I don't see any reason why the build file cannot include the 
> plugin stuff for us, perhaps someon cane provide a patch for 
> FORREST_HOME/main/targets/webapp.xml

It seems that you should add something like this to the webapp target:

    <for list="${project.required.plugins}" param="name">
	  <copy todir="${project.webapp}/plugins/@{name}">
	    <fileset dir="${build.plugins-dir}/@{name}"/>

(the war target is a bit greedy in my opinion, copying all available
plugins over as opposed to just the required ones)

However, the auto generated xmaps in {forrest:home}/project/build/tmp/
must be modified to point to the right location of the plugin xmaps (or
the plugins should be placed elsewhere)

I've encountered other problems along the way - I'll do a write-up once
I get to the bottom of it all.

(Sorry for being so slow to follow up on this, but I'm on a "one day per
week" contract looking at this)


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