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From "Claus Bech Rasmussen - TELMORE" <>
Subject Using plugins with forrest as webapp
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2005 15:59:04 GMT
Hi folks,

I have built an input plugin that works nicely when I run forrest
locally (forrest run)

But when I build a webapp of that same forrest installation (0.7) and
deploy it elsewhere things look darker. My project/input.xmap points to
{forrest:plugins}/<myplugin>/input.xmap, but the content of my plugin is
nowhere to be found in the webapp and I'm not sure where
{forrest:plugins} points to now? 

I was thinking that maybe the webapp would grab the plugin if I provided
a plugins.xml and told it about it in but this
doesn't seem to be the case either.

After hours of drilling I took a fresh forrest 0.7 and built a webapp
with just the pdf output plugin enabled, slammed that webapp into a
tomcat and the result is the same - the pdf plugin does not load. No
pipeline matches *.pdf requests.

I guess I must be missing something here - could anyone provide a


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