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From Tim Williams <>
Subject xpath insertion point thought [was: cocoon: Fwd: Pull Parsing]
Date Thu, 08 Dec 2005 14:14:49 GMT
Forwarded from dev@cocoon....

> > You should take a look at Axiom,
> >, from Axis2. It is a light
> > weight, supposedly high performance, XML object model that is based on
> > StAX, and has built in caching, that can be turned of. It is designed
> > so that you can cache elements in the StAX input stream in such a way
> > that you can do ordinary JDOM like tree random access, but when
> > turning caching of you neither build nor construct any elements.
> Yeah, I looked at it. AFAIU, it defers pulling the events until they are
> really needed by the tree traversal operations.
> > There is also a Jaxen adaper for Axiom.
> Cool! I was looking for that, as we need it for a content-aware XPath
> matcher that wouldn't buffer the whole input document.

I read this and thought that this Jaxen adapter for Axiom might be
worth our looking into for our xpath insertion points in the
structurer to relieve the perceived bottleneck of full DOM's -- may or
may not be very useful.

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