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From Tim Williams <>
Subject Locationmap - because we can doesn't mean we should
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2005 01:42:50 GMT
As the subject indicates, I'm thinking we might be using the
locationmap in some places where sticking to the sitemap would be much
more readable.  Some of the multiple levels of indirection that's
going on is down-right confusing.  I'm pretty comfortable reading both
sitemaps and locationmaps and it's confusing to me.

I suggest that locationmap references from the sitemap should be one
way.  In other words, we should not see "cocoon://some.resource" in a
locationmap.  It only leads to a tail-chasing sitemap.  I'm not sure
of a real clear way to explain it but the locationmap should be a
mapping to the physical resource, whereas, in some of our usage it has
become an extension of the sitemap processing.

Is this is a reasonable guideline for locationmap usage?

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