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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject [RT] Writing generated page to disk in "forrest run"
Date Fri, 30 Dec 2005 15:40:01 GMT
The Problem

Users often make a change to a single page in their site and then want 
to commit that page.

When making the change they will typically do "forrest run", make the 
edit and check it in a browser.

They will then shut down forrest and do a "forrest site" which results 
in the whole site being generated, rather than just the changed pages.

The Solution

Write the page generated for rendering in the browser to build/site

(its so simple, we never thought of it!)

As well as the faster turnaround on doing minor edits we could also 
integrate things like the HTMLEditor plugin for in browser editing (or 
better yet get Lenya working with Forrest as we plan to).

The Implementation

There are a number of ways of doing this, here is my suggestion though:

"forrest run" is a webapp, lets use it. We could have a switch that 
detects when we are running in developer mode and adds an iframe to the 
skin. In this iFrame we will have a number of commands:

- write current page to built site
   (with an option to always write the file)
- validate the site
- build site (using forrestbot)
- deploy site (using forrestbot)

this can later be enhanced with things like:

- validate external links
- validate accessibility
- validate HTML
- ???

I'm thinking a simple JSP application to do this will be best. It's only 
going to be a really simple application so no need for bringing in 
Cocoon Flow or anything like that.



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