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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: slide plugin: s5 or w3c?
Date Thu, 22 Dec 2005 13:17:09 GMT
Johannes Schaefer wrote:
> Ross Gardler wrote:
>>Johannes Schaefer wrote:
>>>We have the s5 plugin to produce slides and I have a lot of local
>>>changes sitting on my HD. Ross mentioned that there is sth from w3c.
>>>Is it this?
>>>Has anyone investigated further? Licenses for the mentioned tools?
>>>Has anybody already started an output plug-in? Wish list?
>>The tool in question is Slidy. 
> Thought it would be.
>>It has better features than the s5 slides
>>and is I believe) licence compatible.
> Can someone confirm this?

If nobody here responds we'll have to ask on legal@a.o I'm pretty sure 
this has come up before (its under the w3c license)

>>Although this was deleted I think that was a rash move.
>>There are some great ideas in there, it's just the concept of bypassing
>>Forrest core that we objected to [3]. Unfortunately this issue was never
>>resolved, and the result was a removal of the plugins in the face of
> I would not like to bypass Forrest, but rather use slidy as another
> way of output. So, preparing a presentation would be like writing a
> document but putting in some special classes. This gives a nice
> handout.

Yes, that was what we wanted to see happening. Ferdinand has created an 
input schema and felt that going through Forrest core would lose 
context. However, as we know from past work, this need not be the case, 
but Ferdinand was not convinced in this instance. See the archives for 
discussion [3]

However, I believe a solutoin like that used in the s5 plugin (marked up 
XDoc -> slidy) would be the best option. We can then create a 
transformation from Ferdinands input schema to the marked up XDoc, as 
well as other slide input formats.

In the short term, for your presentation, we can focus on the marked up 

>>If you have the time/inclination I'd prefer to see Ferdinands work
>>revived and we use the slidy code - license compatible and more functional.
> I would prefer something stable that comes as a forrest option
> without any catch (such as the GPL).
> I'd hope that some of my work carries over.

We are in agreement there then. Lets revive the whiteboard plugins that 
Ferdinand created, see [1] and [2] and go from there.

If those plugins don't yet have an XDoc -> slidy trasnformation we could 
probably leverage the one from the s5 plugin to keep backward 
compatability with the few presentations that exist.



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