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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: slide plugin: s5 or w3c?
Date Thu, 22 Dec 2005 11:29:44 GMT
Johannes Schaefer wrote:
> Hi!
> We have the s5 plugin to produce slides and I have a lot of local
> changes sitting on my HD. Ross mentioned that there is sth from w3c.
> Is it this?
> Has anyone investigated further? Licenses for the mentioned tools?
> Has anybody already started an output plug-in? Wish list?

The tool in question is Slidy. It has better features than the s5 slides 
and is I believe) licence compatible.

Ferdinand has done some work on this, but he has yet to commit that 
work. There was quite a bit of discussion about his approach which was 
to bypass the core of Forrest and was objected to by a couple of devs.

I've been holding off finding a home for the s5 plugin because Ferdinand 
wanted to implement the slidy thing. He committed (and later deleted) 
some stuff in revision 344062 - for an input schema [1] and and a slidy 
output schema [2].

Although this was deleted I think that was a rash move.

There are some great ideas in there, it's just the concept of bypassing 
Forrest core that we objected to [3]. Unfortunately this issue was never 
resolved, and the result was a removal of the plugins in the face of 

I'm sure a suitable approach can be found, e.g. do the same as we do in 
every other input/output combination and go via core. However, Ferdinand 
felt this was not the case, although he failed to explain, in a way that 
others could understand, why this was so. Perhaps someone else working 
on it will help.

> Background: I'll prepare a tutorial about XML and would like to do
> it in Forrest (my experiences were good:

As you know the problem with the s5 plugin is the GPL code it uses.  I'd 
be happy to put the s5 plugin in the Burrokeet project on Sourceforge 
and give you commit access there, just let me know (don't forget to tell 
me your SF username).

If you have the time/inclination I'd prefer to see Ferdinands work 
revived and we use the slidy code - license compatible and more functional.

Just let me know which you want to do.





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