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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Forrestbot webpp
Date Wed, 14 Dec 2005 23:56:06 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> Ross Gardler wrote:
>>I've been playing with the Forrestbot webapp for one of my 
>>installations. I'd completely forgotten about this cool little 
>>application. It needs more work but, nevertheless, it is cool.
> Definitely. I had it set up once before, primarily
> using Jetty but also had a test Tomcat.
> This was on Apache Gump's old machine
> where i hit FOR-422 - perhaps we would also see that
> on the Solaris of our zone machine. Lets see.

Well, I think FOR-422 was human error, but would need to install on 
another machine to be sure. I was seeing it at first and then it went 
awy when I fixed one of my own errors.

I have it working fine on Linux at present.

> There is one problem when using both cronjobs and the
> webapp interface. I had to add some code to the UNIX
> shell script that invokes forrestbot so that it didn't
> try to start a build if it was already running. There is
> discussion in the archives about that and i think that 
> i still have the old config from brutus.

Ahhh, yes, I've not come across that but it would be a problem.

>>I think we should use it on our zone. I'm confident enough to set up a 
>>basic Tomcat, but I'm not familiar with the security issues with it on 
>>the zone. Nor do I know how to make it start as a service when the zone 
>>is restarted.
> We already need to do a manual start of Apache HTTP Server
> after reboot, so one more won't hurt. Of course we need
> to fix it all properly. There are notes about this at
> f.a.o/zones.html

I don't appear to be able to log in to the zone right now, getting 
connnection timed out on port 22 - do you see the same problem?


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