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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Forrest Friday
Date Sun, 11 Dec 2005 11:39:42 GMT
Forrest Friday was not well attended this time. Partly because of 
peoples travel commitments with ApacheCon.

However, considerable headway was made into sorting out JIRA for the 0.8 

THe move to locationmaps within plugins is now complete. There are still 
a couple of sub-tasks related to FOR-200, and some other issues to 
resolve before 0.8 can be released. However, we are getting there, we 
are certainly going to a have a release faster than we did with 0.7 :-)

There have also been some improvements on the new properties system, 
however, this is not to be a "featured" addition in 0.8 - we need to do 
more work with it before deciding that it works as we need it. So for 
now it is an undocumented feature and people should use it at their own 

David created an automated log system, the results of which are in SVN [1]

We also maintained an ongoing summary of discussion [2]

Even thugh attendance was low, we got alot done.



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