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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Using plugins with forrest as webapp
Date Wed, 07 Dec 2005 06:11:48 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
>>Ross Gardler wrote:
>>>Claus Bech Rasmussen - TELMORE wrote:
>>>>I guess I must be missing something here - could anyone provide a
>>>This is a known issue with no current workaround [1], it is scheduled to 
>>>be fixed in the next release.
>>>We'd welcome your help, it should be relatively easy to fix, but none of 
>>>the current devs are using Tomcat in webapp mode so this is waiting for 
>>>someone to fix it.
>>>We will, of course help point you in the right direction.
>>>With that in mind here is a starter...
>>>I've not examined the problem, but I would suggest that the "webapp" 
>>>target in our build.xml is failing to copy across the relevant plugin 
>>>files into a usable location. If you fancy tackling this I would sugest 
>>> becoming familiar with how the webapp is currently built.
>>Well i use a local full Jetty server for testing webapps.
>>Doing the test that Claus tried, i.e. 'forrest seed war'
>>works fine for me in Jetty. So the plugins are being added
>>Claus, try unpacking the WAR file to ensure that your
>>plugin is present. I did this ...
>>cd /tmp/foo
>>jar tf my-project.war | grep plugins
> Ah sorry, i was talking about 'forrest war' whereas issue FOR-735
> and Claus are talking about 'forrest webapp'. I don't use the latter,
> so not much help.

Actually, "war" depends on "webapp". "war" copies across the plugin 
stuff ito the war file, webapp doesn't.

So, what is happening is users are assuming that the "webapp" target 
builds a complete webapp (reasonable assumption), but in fact it doesn't 
  you need to create the war file and have the servlet container unpack 
it (or unpack it manually).

I don't see any reason why the build file cannot include the plugin 
stuff for us, perhaps someon cane provide a patch for 


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