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From David Crossley <>
Subject guidelines for issue tracker (Was: Target version numbers in Jira)
Date Wed, 28 Dec 2005 04:47:55 GMT
In the other thread [1] we enhanced the user interface of our
Issue tracker and added the new fields called "Urgency"
and "Other info: Patch available".

Today i tried to find all the issue that have a patch
attached and set that field. The search was not conclusive
so there might be others. now has some guidelines
and some special filters.

Here are the definitions that i made up for the Urgency field.
Pier from Cocoon added the selection list. We need to
collaborate and agree on the definitions:

* None: The default. Not yet classified.

* Blocker: Prevents other developers from working; or critical
issue with functionality; or holds up the implementation of
other functionality. Cannot release until it is fixed. Will be
fixed ASAP.

* Urgent: Is a key new feature; or affects many users. Will be
fixed in the next release.

* Normal: If this issue scratches the itch of any particular
developer, then they should help to solve it and provide a patch.

* Low: If this issue bothers you, then fix it because it is not
a high priority for the project.




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