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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Creating documentation (Re: Link to CSS howto-structurer-dsl.html)
Date Tue, 20 Dec 2005 03:24:12 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
> >There is a problem, and the Cocoon project has not
> >solved it.

Today's thread is helping to sort this out. However
i think that we should quickly take this discussion
elsewhere while it still has energy. We cannot hope
to solve these issues at the project level.

> >There is a requirement to have the sources stored in
> >the ASF Subversion repository. We also store the generated
> >products (html/pdf/) in svn, but that is just a convenience.
> >The main issue is that the sources are an asset and we
> >must have them stored in the ASF svn.
> Well I've seen nobody in infra confirm that it is a problem, only lots 
> of people saying it *may* be a problem. The last message on infra was 
> sort it out on site-dev - which we haven't done yet.

My recollection for the stall is different.

Noel seemed to direct his question specifically
at one person. That fell flat because then nobody

I reckon that this is a topic for a broader forum.
Either infra site-dev or general@incubator there
is a wide set of ASF experience. There are probably
both infrastructural and general aspects.

Just in case a forrest committer wants to help with
following up on the infra site-dev list (non-public).

> Infra are waiting 
> for a proposal from what I can tell.

I for one am ashamed that they are still waiting.

> Perhaps we should move this discussion there, and pull over some of the 
> Cocoon, Daisy and Lenya folk too.

Absolutely, some of us tried but it needs another
attempt. I sent followup to Upayavira's Cocoon-dev
Subject: Cocoon's use of Daisy on the Cocoon Zone

[ snip ]
> Let me ask a question, why do you feel infra require us to have the data 
> in SVN? (that question is aimed everyone reading, not just David)

Preferably add such comments at Incubator.
The general@incubator list is open to anyone.

I tried to start the discussion there today:

We certainly need a followup effort to summarise it
into public docs.


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