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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: howto-custom-html-source
Date Sun, 18 Dec 2005 01:47:50 GMT
Paul Bolger wrote:
> I've been trying to get this to work, and I'm not sure what's going
> wrong. I'll explain what I'd like to be able to do: I'd like to point
> at a directory, and it's subdirectories, processing all html files so
> that all content outside a #content div is stripped.

Ah, that comment indicates a basic misunderstanding
about how Cocoon operates. It doesn't actually process
directories [1]. Rather it handles requests. Depending
on the components of the URL, the sitemap will respond
by matching certain patterns.

You need a project sitemap (or plugin if it is common
functionality) to intercept the specific matches that
you want to transform. Any matches that remain are handled
by the guts of forrest.

Some of our documentation explains how to handle specific
matches. As usual our docs need attention. This doc
is close, but you need to wade through the example that
it points to, because only part of that is relevant.

Basically you need a project sitemap.xmap like this
where "this-tree" is the directory tree to which
you want to apply special processing ...

<map:match pattern="**/this-tree/**.xml">
 <map:generate src="{project:content.xdocs}{1}/this-tree/{2}.html" />
 <map:transform src="{project:resources.stylesheets}/myStripContent-to-document.xsl" />
 <map:serialize type="xml"/>

(Caveat: Be careful with those directory separators
in the match and generate components: The ** will match
a slash. I just added the above for readability.)

In other words, presume that the request is
then your sitemap would fire and it would generate
xml content from xdocs/some-dir/this-tree/foo/bar.html
and apply your transformer to produce the forrest
internal document structure.


[1] Preparing a directory listing, say for a table
of contents page is another matter. For that you
would use more complex Cocoon sitemap operations.
See DirectoryGenerator which traverses the directory
tree generates an xml fragment. Apply a Transformer
to that to turn it into forrest internal xml format.

You would need to follow Cocoon sitemap docs. Start at
Understand sitemaps and then see:

We need to add an example to our seed-sample site.

> This How-To is
> very detailed and I've learnt a lot from it, but it'd be good to have
> a. and example file of sitemap.xmap with the extra element included (I
> can't find the place that it's supposed to go...)
> and
>  b. an example xsl file.

The stylesheet to strip everything except "div class=content"
is a simple XSLT operation. Not apporpriate for this list.
The "XSL FAQ" is a fantanstic resource
and get Micahel Kay's book.


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