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From David Crossley <>
Subject locationmap logging
Date Thu, 15 Dec 2005 06:00:44 GMT
The new locationmap logging is great, thanks.

Now we get a lot of errors from the core which we
can gradually fix.

Many of those are caused by mounting the plugins
locationmap. This is generated by Ant when the
plugins are configured. It puts in a mount for every
plugin, even if a plugins doesn't have a locationmap.

Then later we get the errors about it not existing:
"Unable to build LocationMap".

I was going to adjust targets/plugins so that at
configure time it would conditionally add an entry.
That works.

However, does this break the plans for using plugins
in place? If your plugins are happily running without
a locationmap and then you decide to add one, should
not need to stop/restart.

Perhaps we should not log errors for missing locationmaps.
Or perhaps a locationmap be mandatory for every plugin.


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