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From David Crossley <>
Subject extra space in class attribute value (Was: svn commit: r354312)
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2005 05:06:17 GMT
Ooops, sorry about the massive diff.

Does anyone know why the extra space suddenly appeared
in the generated html docs? Perhaps something to do with
possible multiple values for class attributes.


> Modified: forrest/site/docs_0_80/howto/howto-structurer-dsl.html
> URL:
> ==============================================================================
> --- forrest/site/docs_0_80/howto/howto-structurer-dsl.html (original)
> +++ forrest/site/docs_0_80/howto/howto-structurer-dsl.html Mon Dec  5 20:55:03 2005
> @@ -434,11 +434,11 @@
>  </div>
>  <p> We developed<strong> the structurer</strong> to let the user decide

>        where to place elements in e.g. html pages. We started this work with the 
> -      <span class="codefrag">skinconf.xml</span> where you could configure
certain elements and 
> +      <span class="codefrag ">skinconf.xml</span> where you could configure
certain elements and 
>        their positions. These elements were known under certain names. It was up 
>        to the skin designer to support this configuration and the elements. </p>
>  <p> The work started with grouping elements (the ones from skinconf). We 
> -      used css-contracts that we added as @attributes e.g. <span class="codefrag">&lt;div
> +      used css-contracts that we added as @attributes e.g. <span class="codefrag
">&lt;div id="content-main"/&gt;
>         </span>. That made it possible to use the same elements in different 
 [ snip ]

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