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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Views
Date Mon, 05 Dec 2005 06:40:34 GMT
Diwaker Gupta wrote:
> Paul Bolger wrote:
> > [indent html]  Where would one put the indent="yes" attribute to get
> > Forrest to output indented html?
> I'm unable to recall any such attribute in views right now. It _is_ possible 
> to use JTidy to indent the generated HTML -- but the last time I tried it, I 
> ran into some problems. More details on this later. For now, I'd say you are 
> better off just running tidy on your own, after Forrest is done generated the 

This is the job of the HTML Serializer.
I see that there is an "indent" parameter.

Try adding that to your sitemap components declaration
main/webapp/sitemap.xmap line 191

> > [views: naming]  I'm confused! Themer, v2, structurer, views,
> > dispatcher  - are these all the same thing?
> Views are still evolving, and there have been several iterations/discussions 
> over naming. I admit it can be confusing at first. IIUC, the official name 
> for the whole framework is Dispatcher (aka v2). Views was the first 
> implementation. Structurer is one component of the dispatcher framework :)


Seriously we do need to define all terminology used
in Forrest. I have been thinking of adding a glossary doc.

> > [apache copyright] Finally, and this is probably heresy, is it really
> > necessary for all the config files to have a whole screen of Apache
> > copyright/disclaimer info at the top? Can't it be one line at the top
> > and more at the bottom?
> The config files that ship with the distro have the copyright notice. I don't 
> think (IANAL, so please correct me if I'm wrong) you need to have that 
> copyright notice in any config files that you write yourself.

Every file that we distribute needs to have the header.
As a user, i think that you can not apply it to your
own config files and docs.

We had talked about a special 'forrest seed' build target
that would create a site template with no copyright notice
(i.e. removing the default notice) or even add one of your
choosing. However nobody has yet built that.

Another thing about the default copyright headers. Yes,
at the moment they do need the full header at the top.
At some stage, the ASF is going to make that better.


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