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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject Re: Creating documentation (Re: Link to CSS howto-structurer-dsl.html)
Date Tue, 20 Dec 2005 20:18:37 GMT
El mar, 20-12-2005 a las 17:57 +0000, Ross Gardler escribió:
> Thorsten Scherler wrote:
> > El mar, 20-12-2005 a las 14:24 +1100, David Crossley escribió:
> > 
> >>Ross Gardler wrote:
> >>
> >>>David Crossley wrote:
> >>>
> >>>>There is a problem, and the Cocoon project has not
> >>>>solved it.
> >>
> >>Today's thread is helping to sort this out. However
> >>i think that we should quickly take this discussion
> >>elsewhere while it still has energy. We cannot hope
> >>to solve these issues at the project level.
> >>
> > 
> > 
> > Actually I will start the lenya and forrest documentation pub (based on
> > lenya) with the beginning of the new year. Since the dispatcher is close
> > to a first release the lenya doco pub pops up to the first position on
> > my personal todo.
> Cool - I was deliberately prodding you, but didn't want to be too direct 
> for fear of making you feel that I was demanding something ;-)

;-) jeje, no worries. I noticed you did. ;-)

> > I cannot promise anything big only my *personal* commitment doing it for
> > lenya and forrest and the apache in general since I do not have a
> > personal nor commercial use case for doco. So please do not expect this
> > to be finished fast (but like always the more people helping the faster
> > we will be finished). 
> Well, that's all I'm offering too. We've seen on the Lenya lists that 
> others have a similar level of commitment. I'm sure we can make it happen.

Yeah, we just have to do it. I will be traveling from tomorrow till new
years day, so I will start when I am coming back.

> > I will use 1.4 of lenya which stores all content in jcr. Since you can
> > have the rep as file system we can just commit the jcr rep to svn. My
> > main focus is first to setup something up comparable to the combination
> > cocoon has. 
> +1 - the wider problem of SVN back ends etc. is still to be resolved anyway.

Yeah, something small and simple to start playing around with.
Everything else will come alone.


> Ross

"Together we stand, divided we fall!" 
Hey you (Pink Floyd)

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