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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject Re: Creating documentation (Re: Link to CSS howto-structurer-dsl.html)
Date Tue, 20 Dec 2005 17:35:33 GMT
El mar, 20-12-2005 a las 14:24 +1100, David Crossley escribió:
> Ross Gardler wrote:
> > David Crossley wrote:
> > >There is a problem, and the Cocoon project has not
> > >solved it.
> Today's thread is helping to sort this out. However
> i think that we should quickly take this discussion
> elsewhere while it still has energy. We cannot hope
> to solve these issues at the project level.

Actually I will start the lenya and forrest documentation pub (based on
lenya) with the beginning of the new year. Since the dispatcher is close
to a first release the lenya doco pub pops up to the first position on
my personal todo.

I cannot promise anything big only my *personal* commitment doing it for
lenya and forrest and the apache in general since I do not have a
personal nor commercial use case for doco. So please do not expect this
to be finished fast (but like always the more people helping the faster
we will be finished). 

I will use 1.4 of lenya which stores all content in jcr. Since you can
have the rep as file system we can just commit the jcr rep to svn. My
main focus is first to setup something up comparable to the combination
cocoon has. 

Lenya as CMS and Forrest requesting the content from lenya. My intention
is for now no deep integration of both that will hopefully follow in the
future as soon we have a first prototype/version. 

I will start by adding a sample pub of lenya. This pub will use the new
xhtml2 doc type as input to have to implement xdocs. This pub should
contain the docu for forrest and lenya to only have to maintain one
instance if this is alright for both projects. 

I guess I should start this pub in lenyas rep since forrest committers
have write access there too.

> > >There is a requirement to have the sources stored in
> > >the ASF Subversion repository. We also store the generated
> > >products (html/pdf/) in svn, but that is just a convenience.
> > >The main issue is that the sources are an asset and we
> > >must have them stored in the ASF svn.
> > 
> > Well I've seen nobody in infra confirm that it is a problem, only lots 
> > of people saying it *may* be a problem. The last message on infra was 
> > sort it out on site-dev - which we haven't done yet.
> My recollection for the stall is different.
> Noel seemed to direct his question specifically
> at one person. That fell flat because then nobody
> answered.
> I reckon that this is a topic for a broader forum.
> Either infra site-dev or general@incubator there
> is a wide set of ASF experience. There are probably
> both infrastructural and general aspects.
> Just in case a forrest committer wants to help with
> following up on the infra site-dev list (non-public).
> > Infra are waiting 
> > for a proposal from what I can tell.
> I for one am ashamed that they are still waiting.
> > Perhaps we should move this discussion there, and pull over some of the 
> > Cocoon, Daisy and Lenya folk too.
> Absolutely, some of us tried but it needs another
> attempt. I sent followup to Upayavira's Cocoon-dev
> email.
> Subject: Cocoon's use of Daisy on the Cocoon Zone
> [ snip ]
> > 
> > Let me ask a question, why do you feel infra require us to have the data 
> > in SVN? (that question is aimed everyone reading, not just David)
> Preferably add such comments at Incubator.
> The general@incubator list is open to anyone.
> I tried to start the discussion there today:
> We certainly need a followup effort to summarise it
> into public docs.

Thanks for doing all this David. 

> -David


"Together we stand, divided we fall!" 
Hey you (Pink Floyd)

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