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From Paul Bolger <>
Subject Re: vague issues with Forrest use
Date Mon, 07 Nov 2005 14:13:15 GMT
So, what is the function of site.xml, if it's not to do the above? I'm
a bit confused over the definition of CMS being used here - I'm used
to it being used to refer to a system which does the lot - user input,
site and database management, output formats, conversions, archiving,

If Daisy did do this Forrest would be redundant. I've been assuming
that, broadly, we are referring to a CMS as an input module, and
Forrest as an output module. This separation makes a lot of sense to

I think my original point was that if one wanted to used Forrest as a
site generator, and the input files are a directory of Ooo docs, or
whatever, it might be appropriate to have a Cocoon forms interface
where a user who was intimidated by modifying XML config files could
setup the structure of the output site. I'm trying to think in terms
of how Forrest could be useful on a small scale. Once people are used
to the concepts introduce them to more upscale applications involving
databases and Servlets.

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