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From Paul Bolger <>
Subject Re: vague issues with Forrest use
Date Tue, 01 Nov 2005 23:48:27 GMT
> I agree, to an extent, with your observations. However, are you aware
> that Eclipse can be deployed with a specific set of plugins (and minus
> all the IDE stuff). This makes it reasonably lightweight and highly
> focussed on a specific task.

I think if there were some way to avoid the online software
installation process (which in my case always seems to end up timing
out half way through the procedure, or not being able to find some of
the components) my Eclipse experiences may have been better.

Obviously that's not your problem, but I it may be useful to bear in
mind that Java developers tend to have tools like Eclipse installed
and ready, while people who are looking for a website generator are
likely to be a lot less familiar with that sort of software. We should
be looking at ways of making the site setup as simple as possible at
the entry level.

> I too like JEdit, but it is not possible to build a rich client
> application in JEdit, it's an editor not an applicaiton framework. I too
> use it a great deal for editing XML, but I can't see it solving the
> problems of the user who can't find their way around out XML
> configuration files.
> Ross
Point taken. Maybe this is another red herring, but would an Xforms
front end for site.xml be possible?

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