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From (Fabian Müller)
Subject Re: docbook documentation splittet in several chunk
Date Sun, 27 Nov 2005 15:04:48 GMT
David Crossley <> writes:

> This is just that forrest had trouble getting the "pdf"
> output plugin from the network.
> It works for me. Please try again.

Thanx for your reply.

Ok, this was definitively my mistake. I used this line:

project.required.plugins=org.apache.forrest.plugin.input.simplifiedDocbook, org.apache.forrest.plugin.output.pdf

which has a blank after the comma. This blank is not allowed so the
following line works:


Your documentation on is correct.

What I now have is this:

As you can see I already did a few things with CSS which need more
work of course.

There are three things I do not like:

1) I would like to have numbers for each chapter. These numbers should
be added to the table of contents. Additional numbers for the sections
would be great as well.

2) I have a problem with the structure of the table of contents. For
example I have

Developer Information
|---> Libraries
      |---> SIP/RTP
            |---> libosip
            |---> ortp

The problem is that libosip and ortp are not shown in the toc but I
would like to show these sections. libosip and ortp are at <sect3>
level in my docbook source. Is is possible to specify to which level
the sections should be shown in the toc?

3) The last but very important issue is this one: I included the GPL
as an appendix to the documentation but the appendix is not mentioned
in the table of contents. Furthermore there is no heading for the
appendix like "Appendix A" or something like that. The appendix is
just attached to the end of the documentation. On you can see that a link to
appendix A (the GPL) is available in the table of contents and that
there is the heading "Anhang A. GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE" above
appendix A.

I think that I am happy to use the simplified docbook plugin when
these things are solved. The next question would be how to split this
doc into several chunks :-)

Fabian Müller

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