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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Note taking plugin
Date Wed, 23 Nov 2005 00:29:15 GMT
I just committed the skeleton of a new note-taking plugin. This uses the 
latest and greatest features of Forrest, even ones that will not 
"officially" be in the 0.8 release - now that's cutting edge :-)

It uses Views 2 to expose a contract that creates a form into which a 
user can enter notes relating to the current page.


It uses my new prototyped configuration system (

It will (one day) use the new wiring capabilities of Cocoon to hook the 
note taker to the HTMLEdit plugin. So, if the HTMLEdit plugin is present 
it will use it, if not it will fall back to a basic HTML form.


This plugin is *not* the start of a Forrest based CMS. If you want a CMS 
you should use the Daisy plugin so that you can leverage the Daisy CMS 
(or build a Lenya plugin based on the Daisy one and use Lenya, or 
whatever other CMS you prefer).

The goal of this note-taking plugin is only to take notes on a specific 
page. I am building it to enhance training materials with not taking 
capabilities, nothing more.

A secondary goal is to be a test case for many of the new cutting edge 
features of Forrest. Come join the party in this plugin - but please do 
not rely on it in production work ;-)


Lots, but the two key things are:

When a note is saved we do not show a sensible result page.

Expose the contract to an external project. At the moment it only works 
with the documentation for the plugin. I've not tested it yet, but I 
don't think contracts provided by plugins are exposed via the 
locationmap yet - this is a compelling reason to have a defined naming 
convention for plugin contracts. I'll think about this and make a 
proposal soon.


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