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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Locationmap naming convention and views 2
Date Tue, 22 Nov 2005 15:18:08 GMT
Views 2 uses the locationmap now (great) but it does not use it the way 
defined in the locationmap naming conventions. This makes it hard to 
follow what is going on (at least for me who is coming at this with only 
a knowledge of the naming conventions). For example:

the themer locationmap defines:

<match pattern="resolve.contract.html.**">
<select type="exists">
   <location src="{lm:themer.project.dir}/{project:theme}/html/{1}.ft" />
   <location src="{lm:themer.project.dir}/{defaults:theme}/html/{1}.ft" />

According to the naming conventions this should be:

<match pattern="themer.contract.*.**">
<select type="exists">
   <location src="{lm:themer.project.dir}/{project:theme}/{1}/{2}.ft" />
   <location src="{lm:themer.project.dir}/{defaults:theme}/{1}/{2}.ft" />

Is there a reason for the current names other than legacy from version 1 
of views?

Can I go ahead and start moving things over to the naming convention as 
I start to understand views 2?


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